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difference between fear and phobia

The Difference Between Fear and Phobia

fear of balloons

Fear of Balloons (Globophobia)

the fear of poison

Fear of Poison

anxiety after eating

Anxiety After Eating: Signs, Causes, Tips To Deal

fear of eyes

How to Cope with Fear of Eyes

Debilitating Anxiety

Debilitating Anxiety: What It Is and How to Seek Help

anxiety tics

What Are Anxiety Tics?


cPTSD vs BPD: What’s the Difference?

how to accept death

How to Accept Death and Embrace Mortality (15 Healthy Ways)

manipulative apology

How To Respond To A Manipulative Apology


Musophobia – causes, symptoms and treatment

Dissociation While Driving

Dissociation While Driving: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Pokonajlek Porady Psychoterapia

Are you looking for mental support?

Mental Health Support

This is the most intense and effective version of support.

We work in cognitive and behavioral mode. It is a proven, highly effective method of mental health support. This support is delivered online (via Skype or other audio-video communication).

Our team specializes in anxiety disorders, mood disorders, emotional problems, stress, insomnia, relationship problems, addiction, and personality disorders.

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