Mental Health Support

One-to-one mental health support

This is the most intense and effective version of support.

We work in cognitive-behavioral mode. It is a proven, highly effective approach. Meetings take place online (via Skype or other audio-video communicator).

MyAdapta specializes in anxiety spectrum disorders, mood disorders, emotional problems, stress, insomnia, relationship problems as well as addictions and personality disorders. We help adults (including seniors), youth, and children.

Overcome Anxiety Course

Overcoming Anxiety Email Course: a 35-day, comprehensive programme.

In this option, you get a condensed, full Self-Help Program that includes most of the professional therapeutic techniques used to treat anxiety spectrum disorders. These techniques do not require active cooperation with a psychologist.

Free psychological support (20 min.)

If you have not used this option yet, you definitely should! Talk to one of our psychologists for free!

During the consultation, you can ask questions that are bothering you or find out how to best help yourself.

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