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The annoying thing is that:

  • Each wasted day is a pity
  • You remember perfectly when your problems have deprived you of something pleasant or good
  • You know you don’t have to suffer like this
  • You are sure that there is a solution waiting for you somewhere
  • Deep down you feel that it can be changed …


And you are right!
Your problems can be overcome!

My name is Natalia Kocur.

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist.

I created MyAdapta.com to help people struggling with anxiety and fears, but also to help everyone who feels that their fears limit their possibilities.

In my experience, almost every suffering person can help himself to a large extent, you just need to know how to do it.

Readers about me:
“Thank you that you are”
“I am really happy that I was able to find your website and I am gratefully waiting for your e-mail every day.”
“I thank you with all my heart for what you have done for me”
“It supports me a lot in my fight against neurosis.”
“It’s nice that there are people like you”
“I would like to thank you once again for the fact that there are still people in the world like you, who by creating such a course, lift strangers to their spirits”

How can you help yourself?

In my experience, people usually deal with anxiety and anxiety problems in 3 main ways:

1. Independent search for advice and information


  • free (except for dedicated time)
  • you have a good chance to learn a lot about your problems (although not always reliable and true information)

  • it will take you a long time (searching for materials, digging through internet forums, hundreds of guides in bookstores, etc.)
  • you will meet people who will want to trick you into various wonderful therapies, herbs, pills, coaching, etc. You have to watch out for tricksters and cheats
  • you will encounter a multitude of worthless, confusing and often harmful materials, theories and techniques
  • you will quickly lose your motivation and will to act (you will waste your energy to change you carry)

2.Professional one-to-one, individual support


  • individual approach and focus on your problems
  • If you choose the appropriate school of psychotherapy (I recommend the cognitive-behavioral trend), a professional with appropriate training will take care of you
  • high motivation and systematic action

  • cost: the process will take from a dozen to several dozen sessions, each of approx. USD/EUR 50-100; the total cost will be about USD/EUR 1,000 – 2,000
  • the need to find the right specialist (sometimes you have to “try” a few to find the right person)
  • direct personal contact for many people is an insurmountable barrier

3. Systematic professional support (but not one-to-one)

This form of support was created on the basis of my experiences, expectations and problems reported by my readers.

That’s why I created

a comprehensive and practical 5-week Program for Combating Anxiety and Fears.

Program for Combating Anxiety and Fears

What can you expect?

Imagine that:

  • You get up in the morning and you don’t feel worried about what awaits you today
  • You are not afraid of public speaking and meeting people
  • You are not afraid of your job, boss or boss
  • At the thought of a difficult situation, you do not get caught up in a race of thoughts or a pressure in your stomach
  • Imagine that your life changes and your fears and anxieties stop weighing you down like a ball and chain!

Thanks to my Program, all this is possible!

What do you get under the Program?

The Program for Fighting Anxiety and Fears is:

  • Effective Program designed especially for people suffering from anxiety and neurosis
  • Step-by-step introduction of new issues and techniques (all in good time)
  • Practical advice, methods and techniques to combat anxiety and neuroses
    35 daily hands-on sessions by email
  • Methods of working with the mind, body and your attitude to life (3 key components of success in the fight against anxiety disorders)
  • Daily homework
  • Minimum theory, maximum practice
  • Practically the cheapest form of effective and targeted therapeutic support
  • Acquiring specific skills that help you fight anxiety and neurosis
  • Training sessions in a convenient form of e-mails that you receive every day
  • A set of tools for independent work continuation
  • Quick access: you receive your first emails as soon as the course fee is credited
  • 700 minutes of time effectively spent overcoming your problems
  • Materials that stay with you forever, that you can come back to and that will never wear out
  • Dozens of techniques and methods always at hand
  • Satisfaction guarantee: up to 7 days, you can resign from the course if it does not suit you and I will refund you the full cost of the Program

100% money back guarantee

  • I care about your success, which is why the quality of my Program is of the utmost importance
  • For this purpose, I offer you a 100% refund of the Program cost if you decide that you are not satisfied with the Program within 7 days of purchase.
  • All you need to do is send me a request for a refund with the account number and your e-mail address

Who my Program is

  • For people suffering from widely understood anxiety disorders: neuroses and anxiety, panic attacks, phobias (including social phobia), anxiety-related psychosomatic disorders, worrying, etc.
  • For people who feel that their problems are not overwhelming, but that fear, anxiety, worry and other problems interfere with their daily lives and block their potential
  • For people who are looking for systematic, step-by-step support, but are not ready to start psychotherapy (for financial, organizational or other reasons)
  • For people who need effective and practical support and are somewhat lost in the number and value of the methods and approaches they encounter
  • For those who have tried psychotherapy and are not satisfied with its effects
  • For people who are looking for professional support with minimal financial commitment before making a decision about psychotherapy
  • For people who are looking for practical and effective techniques and methods

Who my Program is NOT

  • For people who are looking for “miraculous” and immediate methods that will reduce anxiety and neurosis without commitment and effort (hint: such methods do not exist)
  • For those who are not ready to practice the techniques and methods that will be proposed (just reading e-mails, nothing will change)
  • For people who are looking for a theoretical explanation of their problems and are mainly interested in the state of research and academic knowledge in this field – my program is painfully practical. I am happy to share my knowledge (especially on my blog) and follow the scientific progress in this field on an ongoing basis, but the Program is a place for practice. The theory is kept to a minimum (although most people also report to me a marked improvement in their understanding of their problems).
  • For people who suffer from disorders other than anxiety, neuroses, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety related psychosomatic disorders and other disorders on the anxiety and neurosis spectrum. If you want to cure personality disorders or schizophrenia, my Program will not help you (although you can count on positive side effects).

What do you get under the Program for Fighting Anxiety and Fears?

A dose of motivation and building commitment
The program is very intensive and it will be difficult for you to keep pace at times. The e-mails are selected in such a way as to take care of your motivation to work on yourself.
Methods for measuring and measuring your progress
You will learn how to measure your fears and you will be able to monitor your progress as well as personally verify the effectiveness of specific techniques.
Ways to relax and unwind
This is one of the key skills, especially at the beginning of the struggle with your problems. I will teach you the two most effective ways of relaxation that will allow you to master your body and mind.
Techniques for changing the way of thinking
The way you think is of the utmost importance in radically improving your life. I will teach you specific techniques to change dysfunctional ways of thinking.
Therapeutic methods of directing one’s attention
Research shows that people with anxiety and neurosis problems have disturbed attention mechanisms. You will learn how to shift your attention to experience relief and improvement.
How and when to seek support from other people
You are not a lonely island, but I know that sometimes those around you harm you more than help you. I will show you how to use other people’s support wisely.
Techniques of managing internal dialogue
We talk to ourselves all our lives. I will teach you how to direct the internal dialogue so that it helps and serves you.
Ways to Modify Your Life Attitude
Your approach to the people and matters around you is crucial. You will learn how to change dysfunctional attitudes.
Learning to be optimistic
It will not be cheap optimism – I want to show you how to build a deep and wise optimism that will serve you for years.
Techniques to direct your body’s reactions
I want your body to be your ally. I will show you how to achieve it step-by-step.
Humor and distancing techniques
Perhaps you sometimes envy others distance to yourself and the world and humor? I will teach you how to gradually take a distance that will bring you extraordinary relief.
How to prepare for difficult situations
This delicate subject requires proper balance. I will teach you how to prepare well, but not excessively, which is a common mistake in anxiety disorders.
Desensitization mini-course
This topic will take some important lessons. I want you to become your own psychotherapist. I will reveal to you a specific workshop of a psychologist and this extraordinary technique.
Immersing method
An effective method that must be used wisely and carefully. I will teach you when and how to use it.
Effective use of visualization
Visualization is helpful, but you need to know how to use it. I will show you specific techniques to apply in your daily life.
Attribution techniques
Your ways of explaining reality are very important. I will show you how to manage them wisely.
Changing Hidden Beliefs
You will discover your deep beliefs with me and I will help you change them if necessary.
And much much more…
I constantly research, look for and try new techniques, verifying their effectiveness. You will find proven methods and techniques in my Program.
Course feedback
  • “I highly recommend using this program. For a low price, I received a lot of tools and tips that help me deal with anxiety neurosis. “

  • “Thank you for 5 and 35 days which helped me a lot in understanding my illness. Now I know what to do when I have anxiety. It takes persistence, patience and a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it. Thank you very much.”

  • “The program was developed very reliably. Everyday e-mails encouraged me to work on myself… I waited for them with excitement and impatience. I really liked the variety of the program … necessary theoretical knowledge, a lot of practical exercises and many examples, gradation of difficulties. It made him understandable. It has certainly opened my eyes to many aspects that I have to work through once again. I appreciate the amount of work you put into the development of this program. “

  • “The course is very intensive. It contains a lot of useful information to help you fight the disease. As you know, working on anxiety is difficult, but the information contained in Ms. Natalia’s e-mails helps in difficult times. There is still a long way to go, but I am very optimistic about it. I wish all those who struggle with fear perseverance and strength. “

  • “I haven’t reached the end of the course yet, but the level of my anxiety has decreased dramatically thanks to your recommendations.”

  • “Thank you very much for the Program for people who fight neurosis and not only. All the lessons were very helpful for me in the fight against neurosis, with which I have been fighting for several years, each subsequent lesson and tasks helped me to believe that it would get better and better. I was finally able to take it back after long absence from work. There is no improvement in reading, but with a little commitment you can really expect progress. “

Join the Program today

It will not be a magical and sudden change, but the results will surprise you.

Join my Combating Anxiety and Fear Program without any risk with a full money back guarantee!

The total, one-time cost of the Program is only USD/EUR 99

This is less than the cost of two visits to a psychologist.

The end of your problems depends only on you.

With the best wishes
Natalia Kocur

Overcome Your Anxiety and Fears - free online course